Lettuce Wholesaler Australia

Lettuce Wholesaler Australia

Savour The Refreshingly Hydrating Crunch Of Australian Grown Lettuce

Enjoy the taste of a premium grade, Iceberg lettuce produced with international standards of quality in mind.

Welcome To Velisha Farms

As a professional lettuce wholesaler Australia, we understand how to best serve the needs of clients everywhere. Whether you are an Australian based buyer or international importer, we can help you secure a premium quality of lettuce suitable for your exact needs.

Supporting Local Farms & Fresh Produce

Velisha Farms is a local farm in South VIC. We take pride in serving our local community with quality & fresh produce packed with a high nutritional value. As a lettuce wholesaler Australia, we aim to bring the highest level of produce to both our local and international buyers.

Slice. Dice. Wrap

There are few things more tasty and filling than fresh lettuce used in your favourite salad or wrap. There is something about the fulfilling crunch of a nutritional serving of lettuce that everyone just loves. At Velisha Farms, we understand this and are dedicated to serving as a lettuce wholesaler Australia committed to delivering excellent tasting lettuce to everyone.

Sophisticated Technology & Modern Machinery

Over the years, we have perfected a process that involves utilizing some of the industries most sophisticated technology. Through a combination of sustainable chemical-free processes and world-class machinery, we are able to deliver enhanced yields of lettuce.

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