Kale Grrower and Wholesaler

Kale Grower and Wholesaler

Nutritionally Power-Packed Kale For All Your Needs

One of the top Kale wholesalers in all of Australia

Crunchy, Savory & Flavorful Australian Vegetable Wholesaler

Everything from the sophisticated tech we use as a kale & celery grower to the international standards we follow as a Kale wholesaler is backed by our Velisha Farms Guarantee. Whether you are searching for a Kale grower or another vegetable, we have the quality produce & standards in place to ensure your needs are met.

Freshly Grown Low-Calorie Australian Produce

Kale, Celery & Cauliflower are fabulously tasting low-calorie vegetables that go great in countless dishes, food products, and endless drinks. Let us know what your needs are and we will put together a shipment of incredibly fresh, Australian-grown produce ready to arrive at your facility.

Kale Wholesalers & Grower Of Australia

We’re sure you’re aware that Kale is a world-renowned superfood packed with essential amino acids and a litany of other minerals. When properly grown and stored, it can preserve its value for as long as you need it. Out of all the Kale growers in Australia, Velisha Farms maintains some of the highest production standards for your benefit.

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