Growing knowledge.

Velisha Education Group assists horticultural enterprises to navigate their way through the Australian business world. With a focus on compliance
and the changing legal landscape, educators Catherine Velisha and Neil Salvador offer an insight into real-life examples and case studies from a
thriving Victorian vegetable growing operation.

Read a feature article in AusVeg’s Vegetables Australia Winter 2020 Magazine.

Compliance and Leadership Program
One day workshop
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Location: Werribee South, Victoria, Australia
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Current key focus areas:

  • protecting your business against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    – employment legal obligations during a pandemic
    – mitigating risk

  • changes to the Annualised Salary Law

    – changes to the Modern Award – don’t get caught out

  • Social Media

    – boundaries between business + employee

Delivered by Catherine Velisha and Neil Salvador, this program is suitable for:

  • international business leaders

  • academics

  • University, Tertiary and VCE groups

  • managers and supervisors 

Hierarchy of Control Compliance Education

The Hierarchy of Control is a pyramid of steps that should be considered in sequence when evaluating ways to remove or reduce a discovered risk. Each step in the pyramid should be considered but preference should be given to control measures higher up the hierarchical structure than those at the bottom. The most effective risk control will often also come from implementing a number of levels from the hierarchy simultaneously.

Safe Work Place Education

Workplace safety training is as vital as workplace safety itself. It enables the management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. It also helps the employees to recognize safety hazards and correct them. It enables them to understand best safety practices and expectations.