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Cucumber may be a widely vascular plant within the Cucurbitaceae. Our cucumbers wholesaler taken care of vascular plant for healthy grow of cucumbers. They have a light, refreshing taste and a high water content. It will help relieve dehydration and are pleasant to dine in weather. People eat cucumber as a savory food, but it’s a fruit. It also features in some beauty products. It also help for skin hydration. We also provide fennel wholesalerbrussel sprout wholesaler and ginger wholesaler.

Those cucumbers are associated with watermelon, and are frequently utilized in salads, adding an interesting texture. In we will buy several sorts of cucumber.

Varieties of Cucumber

A. Telegraph cucumber

This is the foremost popular cucumber and is grown under glass. It’s long, usually 30–45 cm, and sometimes individually wrapped in plastic because its skin is extremely soft and is definitely damaged. Thus cucumbers wholesaler can choose the best hight of cucumber. Because of telegraph cucumber skin doesn’t need peeling. So they are often mentioned as seedless because when harvested at their best, the seeds are immature or virtually nonexistent.

B. Short cucumber

Cucumbers wholesaler can also collect the short cucumber based on highly recommendation. Sometimes this is often called the quality or stubby cucumber. So it’s short and features a slightly uneven surface. Grown indoors all year round, it also can be grown outdoors within the summer. The skin on a standard cucumber is tougher than a telegraph cucumber and is typically peeled.

C. Apple cucumber

This is a straw cucumber with a diameter of around 9 cm and is about 12 cm long. it’s crisp like an apple and features a very mild sweet flavour. The skin are often quite hard so it’s usually peeled.

D. Gherkin

This is very small, between 5–10 cm long, and is grown just for pickling.

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All year with short and apple cucumbers most plentiful within the summer.


Store within the warmest place within the fridge and use promptly. Cooler times of the year they will be stored on the bench. Lebanese cucumbers are always best refrigerated.

How cucumbers wholesaler prepare

Young cucumbers have a light and tender skin and it’s unnecessary to peel them. Telegraph,Lebanese and cocktail cucumbers never got to be peeled. European recipe books may advocate peeling and removing the seeds, but this is often not normally necessary.

Ways to eat

Cucumbers are hottest raw as a salad vegetable. Slices of raw cucumber are often used like crackers when serving nibbles with drinks. Cucumbers also can be utilized in cold soup. they will be chopped and sautéed, or juiced.


Lebanese cucumbers provide almost twice the quantity of vitamin C and vitamin A compared to other varieties. Peeling cucumbers reduces the dietary fiber content slightly. Cucumbers have a high water content.

6 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

  1. It’s High in Nutrients
  2. It Contains Antioxidants
  3. It May Aid in Weight Loss
  4. It Promotes Hydration
  5. It May Lower blood glucose
  6. It Easy to feature to Your Diet