Cabbage Wholesaler

Cabbage Wholesaler

Cabbage Wholesaler Australia. Cabbages are from the brassica family and are one among the oldest vegetables known.

The cabbage, or brassica, family is large , and includes everything from the familiar red, white or green varieties with tightly packed leaves, to cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts also as pak choi, popular in Asian cookery.

The round, crinkle-leafed Savoy cabbage and therefore the light, diamond-shaped Chinese leaf are considered to be two of the simplest to cook with. The flavour of cabbage wholesaler varies from type to type, starting from savoury to softly sweet, but one thing all of them have in common may be a rank smell if overcooked, so brief cooking is vital .

Varieties of Cabbage Wholesaler

Green Cabbage Wholesaler

These are the most widely grown and are available all year round with a variety of types ensuring endless supply. Drumhead cabbage may be a popular variety with smooth compact leaves. Savoy has crinkly leaves with excellent flavour.

Red Cabbage Wholesaler

These are hard, tightly packed and crisp with red or crimson leaves. Traditionally they’re cooked longer than green cabbages. Lemon juice , wine or vinegar are often added to preserve the red colour when cooked. They grow all year but are more plentiful in autumn and winter.

Simply Choose the Cabbage

All cabbages should look bright, with crisp leaves. Avoid those who feel puffy, whose leaves have holes (an insect might have burrowed its way in) or whose outer leaves are stripped away, which some wholesaler do to cabbages that start to loose their freshness. Varieties with tightly packed leaves should feel heavy.

How Prepare for Cabbage?

  • For loose-leaved varieties, remove any old, tough, coarse or damaged leaves. Cut or shred depending on requirement.
  • Cut or shred the leaves free from the core and slice out any tough central stalks.
  • Rinse if necessary, then chop or slice. For tightly-packaged cabbages, strip the outer leaves within the same way, wash, then slice through quarters, cut out the hard central core on all , then chop or shred. 
  • When cooking red cabbage, add a little vinegar to the water to prevent the color running. 
  • Cabbage are Boils in 4 to 6 minutes; steams in 4 to 8 minutes; and stir fries in 2 to 4 minutes.

Availability of Cabbage Wholesaler

By Cabbage wholesaler different varieties of cabbages are available all year round.

Store it

Refrigerate in plastic bags.

Loose leaved cabbages will keep in a cool, dark place for several days. Tight leaved varieties will last even longer.

Way to Eat Cabbage

Cook for a less time until tender, but still slightly crisp. Serve soon as possible after cooking. Raw shredded cabbage is that the main ingredient of coleslaw. Use cabbage leaves, red or green, as a leaf wrapping, full of a savoury filling and cook gently in liquid until tender. Sauerkraut may be a pickled cabbage dish.

Stir fry Savoy cabbage with garlic, ginger and chilli, plus a touch of soy sauce; Slice green cabbage with carrots, toasted nuts, raisins and dress with vegetable oil and lemon juice for a salad; Slice white cabbage and increase chopped ripe mango, red onion and walnut pieces, dressed with seasoning.

Nutrition of Cabbage

  • Cabbages (white/green) are an best source of vitamin C , a source of vitamin K , and contain a dietary significant amount of potassium.
  • Red cabbage may be a good source of vitamin C , a source of dietary fibre, vitamin A, vitamin B6 , and contains potassium.
  • There are differences between varieties; for instance , red cabbage is far higher in vitamin C and B6 compared to green.
  • Like other members of the brassica family, cabbages contain many phytonutrients, particularly glucosinolates, carotenoids and phenolic compounds.