Broccoli Exporters Australia

Broccoli Exporters Australia

Taste The Freshness Of Quality Controller And Assured All Natural Australian Broccoli

Velisha Farms is one of the leading Broccoli exporters in Australia delivering a high quality of produce for international markets around the world.

Why Velisha Farms?

Through best practice quality procedures, Velisha Farms has developed a sustainable formula for the production of fresh & nutritional Broccoli. As one of the leading Broccoli Exporters in Australia, we provide international buyers with a steady & reliable source they can depend on.

Broccoli Exporters Australia

We work directly with our buyers to understand their needs & requirements. Whether you need to import broccoli as a wholesaler or retailer, we can help you discover both the quality and quantity of fresh produce that you need.

Premium Quality & Sustainable Produce

You want quality produce and that’s what we’re here to provide. As a leading wholesaler of fresh farm-grown Australian Broccoli, we operate based on a time-tested formula that always ensures a successful crop. To ensure your needs are met, give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Committed To International Standards Of Quality

We work hand in hand with a team of horticultural scientists to ensure successful crop production. By mitigating risk and enhancing our yield year after year, we maintain a position as one of the leading wholesalers of freshly farmed Australian Broccoli. Through combining sophisticated farming practices & strict adherence to international norms, our Broccoli is perfectly suited for the international markets of Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and many other nations.

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